AXXA Energia, Chile

Lancaster has been engaged to assist AXXA Energia fund the development of five 9 MW solar and one 100 MW backup energy plants. In discussion with several lenders.

As AXXA Energia's footprint expands two new mandates were executed, one to monetize approximately $100M of the groups real estate utilized in several energy projects through a mayor publicly traded real estate firm with Leaseback Agreements thereby providing additional liquidity to the group. Additionally, AXXA has developed two new Back Up projects totaling 300 MW and is in discussions with a mayor Project Finance lender for a senior loan facility (mandate signed 10/21)

Most recently in late 2021, Lancaster was engaged to assist AXXA Corp with the acquisition and financing of one of Chile's largest fuel distribution companies. A mayor NY IB and senior lender were engaged to complete the process and closing is anticipated for March 2022.


La Moraleja S.A.

One of the world's largest producers of lemons based in Argentina has jointly engaged EG Consulting, NYBay Capital, and Lancaster Advisors to manage the sale of the company.

La Moraleja.png

Grupo Mezerhane/Coltefinanciera

Grupo Mezerhane's financing company has engaged the services of Aldwich Capital and Lancaster to raise funds to meet the bank's growth objectives. Plan is to raise up to $75M to meet the Coltefinanciera's demand for payroll lending loans in Colombia.

Grupo Mezerhane.png

Nueva  Degan S.A. (Chile)

35 MW Back-Up diesel energy plant to identify a strategic partner and assist with a roll out of 500 MW of new plants. Prime-Energia was formed with Glenfarme Group LLC, a NY based industrial owner and operator.  The $700M project finance structure was put in place and closed in 2018.

prime energiadownload.jpg

Calas Moritos / Energia Ltda. (Chile)

200 MW back up plant mandated to Lancaster in 2019 and $120M transaction is in final due diligence with a world leading project finance international bank and expected to close in the third quarter of 2021.


Solubag SPA (Chile)

Mandated Lancaster in 2020 as a consultant to structure and facilitate the opening of Solubag USA, a plastics replacement product creator, as it enters the US market.  Lancaster is arranging the Capital Structure and formation of Solubag USA in Miami and formed a partnership with the well-known Harrington Group, an expert marketing consulting firm. Since 2020 over $2.5M has been raised in development capital and a complete structuring for the US/Canada operation is in full swing.

Mike Latham was hired in August 2021 as President and Chief Growth Officer and is spearheading the continued expansion in the US and Canada. Simultaneously, Solubag USA is now raising an additional $5M in equity to fund the high orders and production requirements for 2022.


Grupo Olio / Diaz Forti (Argentina)

Joint Mandate with Triangle Partners to structure a $100M export facility to expand the company's increased world commodity demand.


Sycar (Ecuador)

$35M Mandate to structure a new LNG pipeline / storage facility.  Awaiting tender invite and outcome, anticipated for 2021.


Makmon (India)

Makmon from India is arranging the introduction of high end spices initially into the US market and in discussions with 2 mayor US distribution partners. In process